We are 14 distinctive brands and one united team

DOVISTA is a community of distinctive brands. And that is exactly how it should be. By bringing our brands together in a strategic collaboration, we can produce results that add up to more than the sum of the results of the individual brand. 

Why is that? The answer is simple: By joining forces, we accumulate unique knowledge about the conditions and business opportunities on the market, and we create a valuable platform to strengthen each of our bran

We call it ’Distinctive Brands – Shared Excellence’.

We are a team

It is also important, however, that we have a strong, common culture and a cohesiveness that add to the offers from each brand. We are a team. And that is the prerequisite for realising the full potential in our collaboration.

You cannot decide on a culture. However, we can create the conditions for the development of a strong shared DOVISTA culture. This is our ambition. We strive to create the shared platform for cooperation and communication that will make DOVISTA the natural common denominator for all activities in our community of brands.

All our employees work towards the vision that we will be the genuine and leading solution provider of vertical windows and exterior doors in Europe, and the work of all our employees is rooted in an understanding of being a Model Company. 

The essence of the Model Company is to work with products useful to society and treat customers, suppliers, employees of all categories, and shareholders better than most other companies. A Model Company makes a profit which can finance growth and maintain financial independence. 

Our people

If we truly are to develop our company, we must develop and empower our employees.

At DOVISTA, we strive to be an attractive workplace that offers good employment terms, exciting tasks, and a motivating and engaging working day. And of course, it should be fun to work at DOVISTA. We strive to create a workplace with social activities and a work environment that enable strong interrelations. 

We encourage and appreciate initiative, team spirit, and the will to go the extra mile. And we want to be a workplace that succeeds in attracting the most qualified people, who want to be part of our community going forward.

Employee Foundation

We also want to support our employees and the local communities where we operate.

Employees in DOVISTA can apply for support from the Employee Foundation of the VKR Group, which DOVISTA is a part of. 

The foundation’s core mission is to treat employees in the VKR Group better than most other companies and to support their well-being. 

The Employee Foundation grants support in the event of e.g., death, accident or illness with serious consequences affecting employees or their immediate family and provides financial support to assist the employees’ children in completing their education. The foundation also provides funding to non-profit local associations and organisations in the communities where the companies of the VKR Group operate.

Since the Employee Foundation was established in 1991, it has made over 6,500 donations and more than 4,400 employees have received support.

For more information please visit: www.employeefoundation.com

Meet our CEO & President Allan Lindhard Jørgensen

“The core of our success is the ability to work together as one united team across our brands to create a solid foundation for shared excellence. We want to grow on all our markets and develop our distinctive brands. And our employees are key. Together, we have more than 750 years of experience with developing and providing vertical windows and exterior doors.” Allan Lindhard Jørgensen, CEO & President of DOVISTA.

Allan Lindhard Jørgensen became CEO & President of DOVISTA in July 2016.