Stronger together 

DOVISTA is a significant vertical windows and exterior doors solution provider in Europe with more than 6,600 employees and 13 distinctive brands with strong local roots. 

Together, we have more than 750 years of experience with developing and providing vertical windows and exterior doors to the European market.
All the brands in the DOVISTA Group have their own distinct identities and market strategies, firmly anchored in their local markets, and closely connected to their customers. But we also collaborate to deliver results that exceed what each brand can deliver alone. 

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DOVISTA brings daylight and fresh air into people’s everyday lives. The work of all our employees is rooted in an understanding of being a Model Company, and in the vision that we will be the genuine and leading solution provider of vertical windows and exterior doors in Europe.


We are 13 distinctive brands and one united team. These are the prerequisites for realising the full potential of working together. We strive to create a shared platform for cooperation and communication that will make DOVISTA the natural common denominator for all activities in our community of brands.


Today, the DOVISTA Group consists of 13 distinctive brands within the European market for vertical windows and exterior doors. The brands cover a broad range of segments and distribution channels in the B2B as well as the B2C markets.


DOVISTA is part of the VKR Group and a sister company to VELUX. For more than 75 years, the VKR Group has been passionate about bringing daylight, fresh air, and a better environment into people’s everyday lives.