Letting daylight and fresh air into people’s everyday lives

At DOVISTA, we strive to be the genuine and leading European solution provider of vertical windows and exterior doors.

To ensure this, we are heading for a position as # 1 or 2 in all local markets/segments and being an innovative partner offering quality solutions based on a superior delivery system, while striving to outperform customer and consumer expectations.

Our history

Ever since the young engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen established V. Kann Rasmussen & Co in 1941, we have strived to bring daylight, fresh air, and better indoor climate into people’s everyday lives. That was our ambition then, and it remains our ambition today. 

DOVISTA was established in Denmark in 2004. Today, DOVISTA is a union of distinctive brands with strong local roots and a significant vertical windows and exterior doors solution provider in Europe. 

DOVISTA is part of the VKR Group that is 100% owned by the Danish company VKR Holding A/S – one of Denmark’s most highly regarded companies. Together, VKR Holding’s companies employ about 18,500 employees and have activities in more than 40 countries. The company, now known as VKR Holding A/S, is the company that was founded in 1941 by Villum Kann Rasmussen. Today, VKR Holding A/S is a limited company wholly owned by foundations and the founding family. 

Every year part of the return on our investments is channeled back to society, along with the contributions from the VKR Group to the VILLUM FOUNDATION. The VILLUM FOUNDATION and its two sister foundations, the VELUX FOUNDATION in Denmark, and VELUX STIFTUNG in Switzerland provide financial support for scientific and technical research, and for social, cultural and environmental projects. 


DOVISTA A/S is the Danish parent company of the DOVISTA Group. DOVISTA’s headquarter is situated in Horsens, Denmark.

DOVISTA is the proud owner of leading brands on the European market for vertical windows and exterior doors. The DOVISTA Group consists of 14 distinctive brands with strong local roots. In total, DOVISTA employees more than 6,500 employees and DOVISTA’s key markets are: Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

All the brands in the DOVISTA Group have their own distinct identities and market strategies, firmly anchored in their local markets and closely connected to their customers. But they also collaborate to deliver results that exceed what each brand can deliver alone. 

This is our business model which can be summed up in: Distinctive Brands – Shared Excellence. We serve our customers and markets as Distinctive Brands and we develop together through Shared Excellence.

CLEAR – our strategy

At DOVISTA, we have a business strategy called CLEAR, and in collaboration with our brands, we have created a strategy designed to take all our brands to the next level

Our objective is to develop and strengthen all our brands and thereby lay the foundation to capture market shares on all our markets.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We will continue to move from a product perspective to customer focus. We will define quality through our customers’ perception.
  • LEADING TOGETHER: We will lead the industry together by utilizing the strength of the trust ownership and by creating a common platform for all strategic business units. And we need everyone to engage in getting us there through innovation and development.
  • EFFICIENCY: We will ensure efficient lines of decision-making and encourage direct communication.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We will set the right governance structures while involving key stakeholders across the Group
  • RELIABILITY: We will build trust. Internally as well as externally in pursuit of an organization that always believes that we can do better.